Quality has been a pillar of our company since the earliest days of our founding. Whether it concerns process, project requirements, or change management the importance of quality is stressed continuously. The satisfaction of our customers is extremely important to us, so we communicate and collaborate with them throughout the project lifecycle. From hardware and software delivery to the most comprehensive Networking and Information Assurance solutions, we consistently seek out ways to ensure we fully meet their requirements.

Teaming for Quality Standards

We pursue best business policies and practices to deliver the highest quality solutions to our customers. We are evaluated at CMMI Level 2 and continually look for ways to further our quality standards.

Customer Feedback

We routinely communicate with our customers using a variety of methods and seek feedback throughout the delivery of a project. We carefully analyze customer input so we may improve our business practices serving them.

Education and Training

We provide internal technology training on our projects to ensure our engineers maximize the use of their skills and abilities. We also pursue external training and certifications in areas that support our engineering and solutions practices.

Hiring and Career Progression

We constantly search for the most qualified candidates to join the Technica team. Once they are on-board, we promote career growth through education and project experience. This allows our team to continue to expand its skills while supporting our customers.

CMMI Level 2 Program Management

We believe that following sound project management (PM) practices is key to producing high quality solutions for our customers. Throughout the full project lifecycle, from gathering project requirements through project closeout, we continually strive to identify areas for improving our PM methodologies. As part of the CMMI model, we conduct PM improvement projects each year to refine our PM standards, including customer feedback, lessons learned from previous projects, and researching best practices.